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I always wondered something, why to use all the time the same position when you want to meditate? Is it something mandatory? Why can’t I sit a different way? Wondering a little about the subject, I decided to look for some examples to put in practice in my next meditation session, this was what I found!

Pose number 1: standing
Although you may not believe you can also meditate standing up. Imagine that for any reason you can’t be sitting, for example if you have to queue in the bank and there are a lot of people before you. It is an interesting way to not waste time, because while you wait you can meditate.

Stand with the feet between open that are more or less at the same height as your shoulders. About the heels and spread them apart towards the sides. Put your left hand on your belly and right above this. Close your eyes and concentrate on the meditation.

Pose number 2: when you go To bed
All the classical positions to meditate require a straight back. If you are in pain or can’t keep it straight, I advise you to try to meditate lying down. The only drawback that I see to this form of meditation is that it achieves such a relaxation that you can stay asleep.

Pose number 3-knees
A good way to meditate is to sit on the heels while keeping the knees bent, back straight and hands on your legs. A variant can be to use a cushion to sit on.

Pose number 4: In a chair
It is the best alternative in place of sitting down on the floor. To do it the right way, sit in a chair with your back straight and your knees bent to 90 degrees. Do not lean back on the backrest, because you’ll have to sit on the edge while keeping the head aligned along with the spine. If it bothers your back, put a cushion on the backrest. The hands must be on the lap or in the traditional position.

Did you notice that the poses for meditation can be very different to the one we know as traditional? Usually we associate the sitting with the legs crossed with the meditation, but as you see in the article is not always the case. There are shapes to suit all tastes and needs. Share the article with lovers of meditation so that they also know that there are other poses alternatives.


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