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We live in a society where each day, people are constantly yearning more and more for authenticity. Tired of false advertising, this generation goes after personal stories and brands they relate to and truly believe in. When starting a new business or branching out on your own as an entrepreneur (or freelancer), we often question how should we be dividing our time and properly juggle all that needs to be done. A balancing act happens between defining and growing your personal brand while continuing to do the same for your company.

I’m here to tell you that your personal brand is much more important to business growth than you might think. When launching Las Morenas de España, I quickly found that my personal brand was not something I needed to shift to the side. Granted, it’s important to manage your time correctly but I found that the growth of my personal brand on social media, allowed others to be drawn to my story and in turn… my business.

Social media seemingly rules in this day and age, so I’m going to share three tips on how to use your personal brand on social media to help your business grow.

3 Ways That Personal Branding Can Lead To Business Growth - Huffington Post 1

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Authenticity Over Everything

Odds are, your business is related to something you love and that you’re passionate about. At the very least, I hope it is!

When working on sharing and growing your personal brand, don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s what people are looking for. With over 7 billion people in the world… there is something for everyone. When you find your voice and share what brings you joy, others will come.

If you love posting photos of the cafes you work at to feel inspired, that’s fine. What about scenic photos with inspirational quotes? Also fine. When you post who you truly are that the things you really love, it will attract like-minded people to who you are and what you do. Stay true to who you are and your values and it will all pay off.

Engage With Others

People love to feel like social media relationships are two-sided. Social media is the perfect way to connect with your personal audience as well as your business’ target audience and learn about what they truly want.

We all know the people that we personally fan-girl (or guy) over on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat and when they engage with us, we feel special. It’s normal and makes us want to engage with them even more. Do the same for people who follow you.

I can’t tell you how many business collaborations and customers I’ve gained through engagement and conversations that were started via social media. When you allow for yourself to be accessible and create relationships, that is how potential growth can happen. When people come to know, trust and love you as an individual is when they are more willing to invest in your various ventures.

Provide Value To Your Followers

Millennials spend as many as 18 hours each day using media. That is a lot of content that needs to be shifted through daily but the followers will come when you provide real value through your content.

Although you’re sharing stories and photos about your personal life, it can still bring value to others. Whether that’s through sharing the vacation spots around the world, sharing your personal tips on how to start your own business or just inspiring others to go after their dreams… when you provide value of some sort, people will listen and come back constantly looking for more.

So how can your personal brand provide value to your business?

Be yourself, engage with others and provide some type of value. If you do these three things, not only will your personal following grow but it will also bring more traction to your business. People will be attracted to you and your work, which will lead to more support and eventually, more growth for your personal brand and business.

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