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Meditation is in fashion. The more speed reaches the modern life, more meditation centers spring up in our country, more and more applications on meditation proliferating in the shops and more articles on meditation populate the pages of the magazine. It is not a coincidence. Is not a whim hipster. It is a social response, and if needed in response to the stress, the anxiety and the jam of mind that the TWENTY-first century has brought with it. A response endorsed by researchers and psychologists from all over the world. An effective practice to achieve a clearer mind and relaxed.

Joining the movement is not as complicated as it seems. Forget the card, of buddhist, of the vow of chastity and the idyllic spring, where it is stamped the water with divine musicianship. Popular belief tends to caricaturizarlo all. But the only thing you need are a few minutes a day and someone to help you to become familiar with the technique. Andy Puddicombe, a monk californian creator of Headspace, brings us three small meditations of a minute to three great moments of the demanding day.

Meditation SOS

Gerard Brown, a humanistic psychologist, already pointed out in another of our articles, the importance of meditation in the development of emotional intelligence, a key aspect in the prevention of situations of emotional extremes. However, even the most zen of humans could be drawn into a state of intense stress because of the rush, the demand and the unpredictability of the day-to-day. Especially if one reflects on and takes action in the matter.

To deal with these moments of internal alarm, Andy Puddicombe suggests a brief meditation to “get out of the situation and bring calm and clarity necessary”. Simply find a quiet place to sit down, focus on the effects of the breathing on the body and observe how thoughts and emotions come and go. Without a label. Without judging. Only perceiving.


Meditation Yum Yum

While the vast majority of species on the planet invest large amounts of time and attention to food, human beings, lost in the maelstrom of daily, we have begun to experience it as a process. We eat fast, unconsciously, with the sole aim of bringing the body to the kilocalories needed to not fall unconscious on the stairs of the office. We have left to enjoy it.

That’s why Puddicombe presents a brief meditation designed to change our relationship with food. For that, instead of being gobbling in front of the tv or in front of the board of innovations of a social network, we are truly experiencing the smell, the taste and touch of food. “Using food as a vehicle to be present. We will swim in our thoughts so often that we miss what is right in front of our” he says. Not only are we what we eat. We are also the way in which we eat.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY54f3dyhcI&w=560&h=340]

Meditation Good Night

Lying down to sleep is one of the sensations more pleasurable than this world. A moment of small catharsis and rejoicing psychophysical. However, for many it can become a frustrating experience. Occurs especially, account by the monk californian, when the mind has had a day very busy. After hours and hours of distraction, in the silence of the night, when we were alone with the pillow, there is no other to take consciousness of what is cluttered and exalted is the head. Then appears the tension and with it, more and more thoughts.

In addition to a minimeditación to relax, Puddicombe brings us a few very useful tips for the health of our rest: plan a daily routine (since the body and the mind, he says, they love routine), have a room that you transmit to us peace, to leave in the classroom electronic devices (because they stimulate the brain and keep you alert), giving us a hot shower prior and, above all, be present when you’re lying in the bed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFAUPT3ZrII&w=560&h=340]

May you have sweet dreams.


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