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27 Aug, 2017 | As we have been remembering in each delivery, you can meditate in any position and at any site, in any emotional state, at any time, therefore meditation is not against action. There is No escape from life. It simply teaches you a new way of living, you become the center of a cyclone.

Your life continues, but in reality, now more intensely, with more joy, more clarity, more creativity, more sexuality and vision, however you’re above and turns you into a spectator of life.

You’re not the one who does, you are the one who observes it.

That is the secret of life, becoming an observer, then your life flows from Being, and not from the mind, then don’t label, don’t abide by, it does not come in sin, do not struggle, do not battle it, all is manifested consciously and magically, cease the struggle, cease the anguish, then the life flows through you.

The action continues without any problem, barres the floor, short wood… you can do anything, from the largest to the smallest, everything you can do, the only thing that you can do, is to lose your center.

That conscious observer must remain immutable, because when you lose it take control of your life the mind and chaos ensues.

Stop directing your attention to all parties, allows the consciousness to be your guide and you will have arrived home.

That quality of being an observer, being aware and alert is what we call meditation. Remember: meditation means awareness and whatever you do in consciousness, that is to say, being in the present, is meditation.

Sitting can be meditation if you are alert, listening to music can be meditation if you are alert, dancing can be meditation if you are alert, that is to say to meditate is to be in the present, life happens in the present, not the past or future.

It is essential to be aware of. Then anything you do will be meditation.



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